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Brand Strategy

Your answers over the next couple of pages will help us to develop your brand strategy profile. After completing this form, we will prompt you to book your brand strategy coaching call with us before moving on to the brand identity module of the Nurture Package.

  • Basic Info

  • Market Positioning

  • What makes you unique and different? Why will your audience value you and your brand over theirs?
  • Personal Brand Statement (One-Liner)

  • We will help you refine and decide on a final statement during your coaching call.
  • Brand Compass

  • Core Values

  • Archetypes

  • Elaborate on each adjective and describe why you chose it.
  • Voice

  • Elaborate on each adjective and describe why you chose it.
  • Customer Avatars

  • What nickname have you come up with for each avatar?
  • What gender or age are they? What are their pain points? Their interests and hobbies? Be as detailed as possible.
  • Customer Transformation

  • Brand Story

  • Beyond your job title, who are you at the core of your heart? What do you love to do for YOU outside of your business? What activities do you enjoy?
  • Beyond your actual service, what type of 'experience' do you provide your audience/customers/clients?
  • What challenges did you have to face before you were ready to launch this brand?
  • What does the future look like for you?
  • Offers.

  • Mood Board

    To complete your brand strategy profile, we will need to put together a mood board for you that contains a combination of your personal and/or professional photos along with stock imagery.

  • Please email us any personal or professional photos you would like us to use in your brand profile or on your website throughout the course of this package. We recommend putting a folder together of 10-20 images, including headshots, lifestyle imagery, as well as product & flat lay images for us to access. You can upload these images to Dropbox or a Google Drive folder and share them with [email protected]