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The Heroine Archetype

Who is the Heroine? She is the Survivor. The Heroine’s leadership style is honor. She embodies winning against all odds. What she has seen

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The Maiden Archetype

Who is the Maiden? She is the Essence of Purity. Her leadership style is vulnerability. The Maiden allows others to see, hear, and love

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The Explorer Archetype

Who is the Explorer? She is the Pioneer. Her leadership style is innovation. People follow her because she gets things done efficiently and beautifully.

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The Mother Archetype

Who is the Mother? She is Abundance. Her leadership style is nourishment. People follow her because they know they will be seen, heard, and

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The Sister Archetype

Who is the Sister? She is the Friend. Her leadership style is inclusivity. People follow her because they know they can trust her, that

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The Queen Archetype

Who is the Queen? She is the Center. The Queen’s leadership style is commanding and at full center stage. She thrives off of owning

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The Sorceress Archetype

Who is the Sorceress? She is the Wielder of Truth. Her leadership style is manifestation. The Sorceress’ capacity to apply the laws of nature

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The Lover Archetype

Who is the Lover? She is the Beginning. Her leadership style is enchantment. She embodies desire and empowers others through permission and pleasure. Her

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The Creatrix Archetype

Who is the Creatrix? She is the Portal. The Creatrix’s leadership style is utilizing the art of creation to build something greater than herself.

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