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The 3 Best Ways to Invest In Yourself

Investing in yourself is scary.

There, someone finally said it.

We’re taught to fear money. We’re taught that money is taboo to talk about. 

We’re shown that money is what makes the world go round but when do we start seeing ourselves as worthy enough to spend it on ourselves? 

The truth? Our fear of money stems from our lack of self-worth. That’s it. And that’s why it’s so hard to invest in ourselves. We’ve been sold on the narrative that we have to do more in order to receive more; that there will always be more hoops to jump through and more mountains to climb in order for us to be worthy of more money.

One of the greatest lies ever told

What if we told you one of the reasons why you aren’t believing in yourself is because the money making systems thrive off of keeping you small?

These systems are the big corporations that feed off power and need money in order to stay relevant. Even capitalism is a system that requires you to have money in order to make a name for yourself all while promoting unequal opportunities and injustice. They make you believe that if you just work “hard enough” you’ll get the money to support yourself, but anything beyond that challenges their hold over money making opportunities. 

These systems are always striving for more power. This means keeping you at a 9-5 job you may not be happy with but gives you just enough to pay the bills. It means telling you something is inherently wrong with you so you’ll then spend the rest of your money on products and services that you don’t truly need.

Ask yourself…

What you could do if you took the next steps to invest and work towards your passion? You could be changing the world, coming up with new ideas, upending the system, questioning the status quo, right? And that would be dangerous to those in power who want the status quo to be left alone.

Consider this: why are we all so guilty when we spend money on ourselves? Surveys show that no matter what people are buying, at the end of the day they still feel guilt handing over their money. 24% even spoke about their passions being a main source of their spending guilt.  

That’s a lot of guilt centered around our potential to shape the way the world works.

This lack of self-worth and shame paired with money creates a toxicity that keeps us from receiving everything we deserve.

At the end of the day, we’re worthy just by being who we are and forming our lives into the best versions of ourselves. This is what they don’t tell you and what you must know, especially when making investment decisions for yourself and your work. 

So how do we make investments for ourselves that really stick without all of the guilt and by handing the baton back to ourselves and our true inner power? 

Start with the Inner Work

Hands-down the kindest thing you can do is invest in the betterment of yourself.

Investing in the inner work means devoting not only your money but your time towards creating a better version of yourself. 

The inner work doesn’t have to clean out your bank account or lead you to a journey halfway across the world (don’t get us wrong, it definitely can!). However, it can also start with downloading that meditation app. It can be hiring a life coach because you know you have the answers within, you just need a push in the right direction. It can be investing in your personal brand or revamping your website because you’re ready for a change.

It can be as simple as it needs to be in order to actually get results.

The inner work truly starts when you set out to make decisions that bring growth. These are the investments that will bring you to a place of inner satisfaction and pivot your outlook on life. It’s finally doing something nice for yourself, knowing it will provide you with that next, ground-breaking revelation where you can enter into your gifts and share them with others.

Invest in your gifts

Purpose is a word that’s thrown around often. It’s described as something that’s difficult to comprehend or something you have to search yourself to find. In reality, your purpose is right there in front of you. Your purpose is what you wake up to each morning to live for. Purpose is something that comes to you with ease, even when it feels daunting to articulate how to bring it into the world. 

This purpose creates what are known as your gifts. And these are gifts that can only come through you, no one else. Whether it’s empathy, love of community, groundwork in self-love. Who do you champion for? Why? Pinpointing your gifts is key to your purpose, and vice versa.

In order to strengthen these gifts, we must invest in them. Invest in these relationships where you fight for what you believe in. Invest in the moments of clarity where you’re able to let go of any perfectionism or self-criticism. That’s when you’re in your zone of genius, right in the midst of your gifts: when everything else fades away but what you’re working towards. 

Invest in your future self 

Who do you want to be in the next year or in the next five? Bring that picture of yourself to the forefront of your mind. Envision exactly what you’re wearing, who you’re talking to, down to exactly what you’re thinking. 

Is she deeply in her feminine flow? Does she have a community rooted in self-love and acceptance? Is she happy with herself and her decisions?

Invest in that woman. Whether it’s a new skill, certification, degree, or new lease on life – what’s going to bring that woman to the forefront of your life? 

That’s what you invest your time, energy, and money into. No excuses.

In our masterclass, we go over why it’s so important to invest in yourself. You’re inherently worthy of your gifts and any investment you make towards your goals and the betterment of your future. Check it out to get inspired.

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