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5 Ways to Thrive as an Introverted Entrepreneur

In a sea of extroverts, introverted entrepreneurs may find it difficult to be themselves. Many believe they have to be extroverted or outgoing in order to be successful. Introverts may look at the “requirements” for finding clients and followers and simply want to give up.

The truth is, you have immense value as an introvert – and you can translate this value into a successful business. Here’s how to leverage your introverted personality and thrive as an introverted entrepreneur. 

Introverted Entrepreneur

1. Embrace your introverted personality

Some entrepreneurs may feel shame or embarrassment that they’re more introverted than other entrepreneurs. They may even see it as a weakness, when, in fact, it’s something that should be celebrated and embraced. If you’re constantly putting yourself down over your introversion, you’ll never be able to shine in your business. 

Look at all the positive traits you have by being an introvert. Maybe your clients love your listening skills. Maybe you have have the ability to truly see what’s going on through quiet observation, allowing you to catch things others may miss. Whatever it is, celebrate how your introversion sets you apart from others.

2. Build your strengths

Just because you’re introverted doesn’t mean you don’t have other traits crucial to running your business. If you’re too busy focusing on the extroverted skills you don’t have, you’ll miss out on the skills you do. It could even cause you to avoid a new industry that you’d thrive in.

Simply write a list of what your strengths are and what you bring to your business. As an introvert, it’s likely you’re more self-aware due to the time you take for self-reflection. Bring those skills to the forefront and write down ways they can provide optimization for your business.

3. Center your business around your introversion

Instead of finding ways to become more extroverted, cater your business around your introversion. This allows you to not only embrace your introversion but it also brings you a new way of working with others that some may find refreshing. You could work with people in a more one-on-one setting or limit your groups to only allow a few people at a time to work with you. Whatever you decide, once you accept that your introverted personality is going to come with you no matter where you are, you’ll find better ways to make it work for you and your business. 

4. Learn how to navigate your energy

Introverts are usually empathic or have empathic tendencies, meaning they feel others (and their own) emotions more intensely than the typical individual. While it may be difficult, being empathetic is truly a gift. You’re help walk someone through a difficult situation while holding space.

However, being around too many people or saying yes to too many situations can cause burnout for an introvert. Many introverts need time away from others in order to regroup and recharge. It’s important to know your limits and exactly what you need to do to remove yourself from situations where you don’t feel your best or are taken advantage of. Your energetic cues are your best indicators of what you’re putting too much energy into and not enough self-care. 

5. Use self-care tools

Taking care of yourself as an introvert is just as important as an extrovert. However, as mentioned above, introverts may get burnt out more easily from being around others or being in trying situations for long periods of time. This is why self-care is so important. And it’s not just about massages or face masks – it’s about really giving yourself the tools to feel better in your body, mind, and soul. 

A massage is great, but if you don’t invest in the inner work you’re going to feel the same – you’ll just have relaxed muscles. Take some time to journal, meditate, and look within to what your definition of success is – especially within your business and how you can thrive within it. The way others have done it doesn’t have to be the way you do it. 

Remember: the world needs your gifts. Don’t ever doubt it.


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