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8 Ways to Stay Creative as an Entrepreneur

Being a creative entrepreneur can be challenging.

You’re the accountant, the marketer, customer service rep, and the strategist. All this work and no play can take the joy out of why you started your business in the first place. This is a critical situation for a woman entrepreneur who thrives on their creativity for a living.

We may not see creativity as a muscle, but that’s exactly what it is – and it needs to be used in order to grow. Here are 8 ways to stay inspired and creative as an entrepreneur. 

Let your inner child out

Creative entrepreneur's inner child

You may have heard how important it is to tend to your inner child. It’s about paying attention to the parts of yourself that still have that childlike wonder, innocence, and playfulness. It’s not taking yourself too seriously and just letting go. 

This means going to the park and going on the swings. Or it’s dancing around your home singing to your favorite songs. Maybe it’s watching your favorite Disney movie. Tend to the part of you that lights your inner child up and stokes your imagination, whatever that may be!

Paint, draw, or color


This one is simple. Grab colored utensils and a piece of paper, sketchpad, or coloring book and go to town. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it definitely can be messy — this is a time to color outside the lines. Free your imagination by using different colors and techniques to bring the image in your head to life. 

Switch up your routine

creating a new routine

As an entrepreneur, we know how important structure is to success. However, it is possible to get stuck in a rut where every single day looks the same (hello, quarantine)! This can squash your creativity and have you feeling less than inspired. 

To switch it up you can start out small: maybe making something new for breakfast or swapping your usual coffee routine for a different roast or creamer. You could also add a walk outside to your day for a change of scenery or use a different colored eye shadow in your makeup routine! Whatever you decide to do to shake it up, inspiration will find you once you’re out of the rut. 

Take a social media hiatus

Book and coffee for social media breaks

There’s a reason some of the most successful artists don’t follow a ton of people on social media. When you’re taking in so much information from others, it stifles your own creativity and keeps things to flow properly. 

Schedule a few posts ahead of time and take a break, even for just a few days to see how you feel. You may find that you’re able to be more creative than before when you were constantly checking in with social media.

Find creative inspiration from Pinterest

Get creative inspiration through pinterest

Pinterest is a great starting point for when you’re feeling creatively stuck. Whether it’s a mood board with your favorite colors or a vision board that details your goals for your business, let your mind run with imagination as you pin. Ensure the boards you keep are solely for inspiration and aren’t centered around others in your field so you won’t be tempted to copy or compare yourself to their work.

Go outside

woman outside

Nature is the original creator. Tend to a garden, sit by a tree, or simply watch and listen to the birds while you take a walk. Put down your phone and just be present within nature by allowing yourself to take a deep breath and listen. You may be surprised by what Mother Nature has to tell you and how it can take you to new creative heights

Get in touch with your body

When we’re listening to the innate wisdom of our own bodies, we’re able to connect to our creativity. It’s that simple and yet so complex. We often don’t listen to our bodies enough to truly allow the creative juices to flow

Stretch, put on a yoga video, or dance. While you’re doing this, really think about what it means to be embodied. What feels good to you? What doesn’t? By exploring this relationship, you’ll be able to listen to your body’s cues of what it needs to support your creative endeavors. 

Give your website a makeover

If you’re finding your website isn’t in line with your current offerings or message, it may be time for a rebrand. Having a space for your business that speaks to your vision is crucial in allowing your creativity to shine as an entrepreneur. 

While it may seem intimidating to rework your brand, at Brand Like Hers we make it simple to level up without the tech hassles or issues that stifle creativity. We’re dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs build beautiful, impactful brands. Check out our subscription programs to stoke your creative genius!


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