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The Key to Building Your Empire as a Woman Entrepreneur

As women today, we have an epic amount of opportunity to create real and lasting change for generations to come.

We can even create this change for ourselves.

However, we have to get crafty, especially as venture capital for women is still a scarcity. The reality is, we as women will continue to invest in ourselves and our businesses because we know how to create real and lasting value.

We have to get in the trenches, get dirty, and make stealth moves. We have to be willing to learn from those who created the entrepreneurial game in the first place including their “why” and be willing to respect what it was able to accomplish.

Then we do what we do best – transmute the parts that aren’t working and re-frame what’s left to serve the highest good.

We have to learn how to scale, how to pivot, how to exit, and how to build diversified, inter-generational empires. We have to be willing to think long term about how we’re positioning ourselves, our businesses, and our brands right this second.

This long game strategy makes all the difference.

One of the most important things to think about when building an empire, especially as a woman, is your personal brand. We have to be hyper aware of how we’re positioning ourselves at this pivotal time in history. There’s so much to think about when building our persona online.

It’s more important now than ever to present ourselves as leaders while preserving our feminine values. We need to demonstrate that we can be both soft, and extremely effective, consistent decision-makers at scale. It’s where we can view ourselves as the face of our business with the moxie to back it all up.

Think Bigger

Many of us have a tendency to think too small. Instead of creating an exit strategy from the beginning, we build businesses that we can neither scale nor sell. We create businesses that are so interwoven with our faces that our personal brand becomes a product and our product becomes a person. And it’s tragic.

We have to learn how to frame ourselves as leaders of a movement rather than just a face behind a digital product.

This is a two-fold gain because it makes our personal brand bigger than just our business and allow others to follow us no matter how we pivot in the future. It forces us to create our digital products as separate brands that we can later sell off or scale disproportionately to other lines of business.

We have to start thinking about what our core message is and how to demonstrate it effectively though everything we create.

If you’re already on this train of thought, it’s likely you just need some mirroring and strategy from someone whose already been there.

If you’re ready to get some direction and avoid the top mistakes we see women making all the time, join our free masterclass at Brand Like Hers. It’s where you’ll find all the best tips for women who are going through this heroine’s journey.

Check out the masterclass here. It’s time to build your empire.


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