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Personal Branding For Women: Why its Vital

As women today, we’re rewriting what it means to lead and create by designing new ways of doing business, refusing to sacrifice feminine values and redefining economic equality. Collaboration and co-creation are the keys to our success.

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Most business and brand strategies being taught today simply don’t work. Endless landing pages, facebook ads, and tiny offers. All that stuff. These are fine for selling a product, but they’re hopeless when it comes to building a reputable brand. The fact is there’s a huge difference between growing your short term revenue streams and creating lasting influence and impact.

Welcome to the age of influence.

When you think of influence, what comes up for you?

Pretty Instagram feeds with 1.5 gagillion followers?

That chick who somehow always gets 150 likes on her Facebook photos with a two word caption? She’s not even that cute…

Or how about that new best selling book about some “spiritual” awakening resembling the profound thoughts you were having in the third grade?

Girl, I get it. We’re bombarded constantly with notions of what it means to be “successful” in today’s virtual world.

My real question for you today is this: What actually is influence?

Here’s my answer: Influence is impact.

And it’s something I’m betting you come by naturally. Because if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re a woman who has an intimate relationship with femininity, which is, in it’s essence, teacher-ship. It’s that artful way you convince your three-year-old to go to bed while avoiding a total meltdown. Or the way you coach your best friend (or a total stranger) into taking back her power.

Influence is simply the power to inspire others to take action. And it has absolutely nothing to do with follower count.

How to create influence online with your personal brand

Let’s circle back to the main point of this article: we’re going to talk about creating influential content that leverages your innate capacity for deep empathy, capitalizing on the masterful art of subtle persuasion gifted to us by our grandmothers.

What the internet has given us is amazing. It’s a platform we can leverage from anywhere in the world (including our bathroom floor with the shower running to make it known we’re currently unavailable). With the power to create any kind of digital assets we want for free, the pressure is on to cultivate a powerful online persona. And not just a powerful persona, but an “authentic” one.

With all this talk about “authenticity,” we tend to think that we need to show up as our whole self – the good, the bad, and the ugly – yet still have a matching pretty pink Instagram grid.

What I’m here to tell you is that the actual magic in online marketing and personal branding is that you get to craft the exact parts of your life that you want to expose, and keep sacred the parts that you don’t.

The things you keep sacred and the parts of yourself that you share will all depend on the action you want to inspire your audience to take. After all, you’re a professional, and everything is politics, right?

If you’re anything like me, you want to demonstrate a myriad of things through this persona you’re creating online…

  • You want to express vulnerability while showcasing your strengths.
  • You want to exude vibrancy and beauty, but refrain from objectifying yourself.
  • You want to break through the barriers of what it means to be a professional woman and create a new archetype of female leader.
  • You want to be taken seriously, and connect with your community in an  intimate way.

Over the 10+ years I’ve worked with women to create impactful personal brands, I’ve noticed that defining these boundaries between professionalism and authenticity is the hardest part of crafting a digital identity.

Most women (myself included), make a ton of mistakes that have real emotional and psychological consequences. These consequences can range from a $150 emergency session with your go-to guru to vulnerability hangovers that last years.

My mission in life is to help you avoid the unnecessary self-flagellation that is a direct result of lack of clarity and long-term brand strategy.

Developing the strategy (and the aligned content that fuels that strategy) to build a relatable digital identity online, can be and should be a huge time investment. Because guess what? It only takes a few off-strategy fuck ups to completely lose people.

The thing about digital personas is that they are avatars, which have severely limited capacity for connecting in comparison to a whole human being. You have to think of your personal brand as a character in a screenplay. It’s much harder to develop a character like Rain Man than it is to create Bugs Bunny. We have to understand that our true selves are infinitely complex and ever changing, but our online personas have to be dead simple and incredibly consistent in order to build trust and understanding over time.

Yet, both your body and your brand are wearing the same face.

It’s trippy, I get it. A little schitzo, even.

This is why you need the guidance of an expert to help you build a strategy that serves your higher purpose, resonates deeply with your target audience, and sustainably serves you over your years in business.

If you’re building a personal brand to position yourself as an influencer, I highly recommend watching our free online training. It’s where you’ll find all of my best tips for women who are going through this heroin’s journey of demonstrating the new feminine leadership archetype online.

Check it out here. I promise you, it will change your brand (and your life) for the better.

Daring you to greatness,

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