Build An Aligned personal brand that attracts premium clients & amplifies your impact

(Even if you don't have a huge following or a ton of content)

In Just 30 MinUtes, I'll show you HOw to...

Master the Art of Influence

Get the clarity you need to leverage the influence you ALREADY have, even if you don’t have a ton of content

Make the Competition Irrelevant

How to take create a brand so authentic, no one can come close to replicating it.

Overcome the "Follower Trap"

Why spending money & time getting followers, blogging, endless content marketing, are the WORST way to attract new clients…and what you can do to create immediate momentum today…

Annihilate Website Shame For Good

Stop redoing everything and build a foundation that you can continually grow from no matter which way you pivot. 

Authentically Express Your Essence

Our unique process for extracting and demonstrating your essence, so you feel like your digital identity is fully aligned with your Self, your product, and your mission. 

Shift Your Visibility Mindset

Nail the mindset shifts you need in order to feel confident enough to put yourself out there, get seen, and become a known industry leader. 

About the teacher

Mary Bernitt, Founder of Brand Like Hers

Hi, I’m Mary. I’m a serial entrepreneur and mentor dedicated to helping female founders reach financial, emotional, and creative freedom. 

For the past 10 years I’ve been exploring what it means to have what I call a “Digital Identity”. As a brand designer and web developer, this meant tinkering non stop with my own personal brand image. 

I always felt like I was starting over every time I leveled up. 

It was so difficult to keep my brand integrated with who I was becoming without feeling like I needed a total overhaul. 

This made it impossible to build a following, develop a warm community of potential buyers, and forced me to be in constant “start up mode” with my personal brand. 

Finally, I discovered a process that allowed me to build a personal brand I could pivot with, grow from, and lean on as my creative process continually expands. 

This process is what Brand Like Hers was born from, and what I would love to share with you in this Personal Branding Masterclass. 


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