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The Self-Care Ritual for Your Archetype

In our previous post, we’ve broken down the feminine brand archetypes as recreated by Brand Like Hers. To refresh: archetypes are typical examples of personalities that are a reflection of your true self. Find out your dominant archetype in our quiz here

Self-care rituals are vital to our overall wellbeing. It’s crucial to find time to get centered and listen to what our bodies, minds, and souls need from us to move forward. Your inner feminine brand archetype can show you the best way to cater to the part of yourself that’s asking for some extra care.

Check out the self-care rituals that best suit your archetype below!

The Creatrix: DANCE

Dancing Creatrix

The Creatrix is all about being in your feminine flow. A ritual that will best cater to her is dancing – preferably ecstatic dance which is all about moving through the emotions you feel from a song. Put on your headphones or blast your speakers and allow the rhythm to transport you to your creative genius. 

The Queen: Treat yourself

Every Queen deserves the finer things in life. Treat yourself to your favorite dessert, splurge on an item in your wish list, or take a much-deserved vacation. Treating yourself doesn’t have to be difficult or require a ton of effort – it’s allowing yourself to remember you’re worthy of what you want. If money’s tight, just using a moisturizer or diffusing essential oils can immediately send your senses toward luxury.

The Mother: Bake

Break out the flour, find your favorite recipe, and don’t forget to preheat your oven. Baking is a self-care ritual that can be extremely therapeutic. The measurements and technique comes down to an exact science, making it a calming way to unwind knowing it’ll all turn out well in the end with a little love. For the Mother, it’s even more special when you can give your treats to your family and friends. But if you decide to keep them all to yourself, we won’t tell. 

The Sister: Have a spa day

Head to the spa or have a spa day at home complete with face masks and mani-pedis. This self-care ritual is all about celebrating yourself and the Sister loves to do just that with her friends and sisters by her side! Bring them along and make your spa day a girl’s weekend.  

The Comedienne: Laugh

The Comedienne is always ready for a good laugh. Research shows laughter is crucial for health and wellbeing. Laughing creates feel-good endorphins and boosts your immune system in the process. When watching funny TikToks aren’t cutting it anymore, head to your local comedy club or browse the web for online comedy shows!

The Lover: Get a massage

The Lover is all about those experiences that are able to tingle her senses. Receiving a massage is the perfect way to loosen tense muscles and bring you to the present moment. Ask your partner for a romantic night in and take turns giving each other a foot massage or back rub. Or head straight to your local massage parlor for a deep tissue!

The Heroine: Get your heart pumping

The Heroine thrives on an active lifestyle, making exercise the perfect self-care ritual for her. We all know how important regular exercise is for our health. Whether it’s a short HIIT workout, hot yoga class, or a simple walk, the Heroine in you will be satisfied and ready to tackle whatever comes next after you hit the showers.

The Sorceress: Breathwork

A transformative being, the Sorceress utilizes the power of manifestation to change the world for the better. The self-care ritual that best suits her is one where she can utilize the power of her breath to find peace. Breathwork is an extremely powerful practice where simply sitting or laying down and noticing your breath can promote inner serenity. One of the most calming breaths to do by making your exhale twice as long as your inhale. 

The Wild Woman: Do something daring

The Wild Woman isn’t afraid to question the status quo and always seeks to find alternative ways for a better outcome. This is why doing something daring like bungee jumping or rock climbing will help your inner Wild Woman see the world from another perspective and allow you to let yourself be a little wild in the process.

The Explorer: Go hiking

Your inner Explorer is ready to venture to places unknown. The self-care ritual that speaks to her is getting out in nature by making time for a hike! Check out this tool to find local forest areas and trails near you that your inner Explorer craves.

The High Priestess: Meditate

Getting in touch with your inner (and higher) self is key for the High Priestess. Find a comfortable place to either sit and lay down to practice meditation by just listening to your breath and the sounds around you. Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult – it can simply be a few minutes in stillness. Meditation allows you to tune out the world’s noise and focus on what’s happening within. 

The Maiden: Color

The Maiden has a childlike innocence that she seeks to protect at all costs. What better way to tend to your inner Maiden than paying attention to your inner child? Adult coloring is becoming more prevalent these days with a variety of coloring books in stores and online. Grab your favorite coloring utensils and let your imagination run wild!


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