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The 12 Feminine Brand Archetypes

What’s your signature code that brings your personal brand to life?

The key lies within the feminine archetypes.

Understanding yourself is a critical first step in being able to communicate your message to the people who need to hear it.

Archetypes, or typical examples of personalities, have long held a mythical appeal and are key to how our subconscious minds view the world.

Carl Jung first theorized that certain thought patterns, which he called archetypes, find parallels across all individuals and cultures. These universal characterizations, such as the Mother, the Child, and the Hero, make up our unique personalities and how we interact with others.

At Brand Like Hers, we’ve reimagined these archetypes for feminine brands. These archetypes are a reflection of your true self. Your archetype captures your personality traits and helps you define your motives, values, and visual identity. It’s a way to zero in on your leadership strengths and will help you understand yourself as you develop your own personal brand.

We’re a blend of these archetypes no matter what situation we’re in. However, we do have a dominant archetype (sometimes multiple). Knowing our main archetype can help us shape our personal brands and develop offerings around these archetypal strengths.

Here’s an overview of all the archetypes you’ll find in our Feminine Brand Archetype quiz!

The Creatrix

She is the Portal.

The Creatrix’s leadership style is utilizing the art of creation to build something greater than themselves. She is the vessel through which the divine design becomes available to the human senses. People follow the Creatrix because she produces value through everything she does, making others feel closer to the vibration of beauty, harmony, and truth. The Creatrix keeps her audience inspired, livened, and awake.

Read more about the Creatrix here.

The Queen

She is the Center.

The Queen’s leadership style is commanding and at full center stage. She thrives off of owning her power. Her actions are selfless, yet she rules with an iron fist, able to take on momentous tasks for the sake of her constituents. The Queen’s vision is palpably clear. She sees far into the future, which inspires other leaders to follow – but perhaps leaves her feeling misunderstood by those who cannot go as far into the unknown.

Read more about the Queen here.

The Mother

She is Abundance.

Her leadership style is nourishment. People follow her because they know they will be seen, heard, and taken care of through her embodiment of mercy and generosity. She is a listener without an agenda, gathering her goodness and hope for others and pouring this outward to all who need it. 

Read more about the Mother here.

The Sister

She is the Friend.

Her leadership style is inclusivity. People follow her because they know they can trust her, that she genuinely cares about them and sees herself as a worthy equal.  She consistently assists her tribe to become the fullest versions of themselves with encouragement and warmth.

Read more about the Sister here.

The Comedienne

She is the Light in the Dark.

Her leadership style is manipulation. She bends the truth to force others to see things in a different, and often relatable, way, making complex perspectives available to everyone. People follow her because she is clever. Her audience stays engaged because she’s entertaining.

Read more about the Comedienne here.

The Lover

She is the Beginning.

Her leadership style is enchantment. She embodies desire and empowers others through permission and pleasure. Her power to seduce and attract what she wants makes others chase her. They want what she has, which makes it easy for her to attract a following but perhaps incites jealousy. She has to know who she can trust for her to truly open up to her passions.

Read more about the Lover here.

The Heroine

She is the Survivor.

The Heroine’s leadership style is honor. She embodies winning against all odds. What she has seen and overcome gives her the strength to lead. People follow her because they trust her bravery and capacity to protect those in the face of the unknown.

Read more about the Heroine here.

The Sorceress

She is the Wielder of Truth.

Her leadership style is manifestation. The Sorceress’ capacity to apply the laws of nature to her own will makes her a force of nature in and of herself. She can create the reality she envisions by manipulating probability. People follow her because she’s not afraid to choose the future.

Read more about the Sorceress here.

The Wild Woman

She is Nature.

Her leadership style is chaos. People follow her because she tears down old beliefs and gives them the permission to be completely human, free from shame. She keeps her audience engaged through her non-linear and unpredictable nature.

Read more about the Wild Woman here.

The Explorer

She is the Pioneer.

Her leadership style is innovation. People follow her because she gets things done efficiently and beautifully. She inspires them to see things differently, and go where others will not. Her audience stays engaged because she’s full of surprises, all of which are useful and improve others’ lives in some way.

Read more about the Explorer here.

The High Priestess

She is the Master.

Her leadership style is guidance. She is a healer and keeper of wisdom. She can reach anyone at any level, because she knows how to access the truth directly. She believes everyone has their own inner guidance to lead them to their true potential. She knows how to help coax that inner knowing out of those she guides.

Read more about the High Priestess here.

The Maiden

She is the Essence of Purity.

Her leadership style is vulnerability. She allows others to see, hear, and love her as she is. She refuses to have a hidden agenda, always showing her true colors to the world in the hopes of a positive outcome. She is cheerful and always looks on the bright side of difficult situations.

Read more about the Maiden here.

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