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The Creatrix Archetype

Who is the Creatrix?

She is the Portal.

The Creatrix’s leadership style is utilizing the art of creation to build something greater than herself. She is the vessel through which the divine design becomes available to the human senses. People follow the Creatrix because she produces value through everything she does, making others feel closer to the vibration of beauty, harmony, and truth. The Creatrix keeps her audience inspired, livened, and awake.

She is the creator, seeking the vision held in her soul’s desire. The Creatrix brings inspiration from the depths of her spirit with the pure desire to create. She is capable of complete manifestation of these creations. At her most conscious and capable, she’s standing in her truth by recognizing she holds the power to create and sustain her own life, finances, and career.

Knowing your Inner Creatrix:

  • You’re always creating something and deep within the creative process.
  • Your creative process can be described as chaotic and unique.
  • You want your creations to change the world for the better.
  • You value creation over money or status.


“I make beautiful things for the joy of it. Creativity is my love language. My artistic creations are a gift to the world.”

How to activate the Creatrix in your brand:

  • Always be creating.
  • Show your creative process to your followers, flaws and all.
  • Provide vulnerability in your flow and own your freedom in creation.
  • Utilize various styles of creating each time your creative juices start to flow.
  • Take up a new creative hobby when you feel things start to get stale. 

Are you the Creatrix? Take our Feminine Brand Archetype quiz here.

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