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The Heroine Archetype

Who is the Heroine?

She is the Survivor.

The Heroine’s leadership style is honor. She embodies winning against all odds. What she has seen and overcome gives her the strength to lead. People follow her because they trust her bravery and capacity to protect those in the face of the unknown.

The Heroine is the warrioress, the champion, the victor. She stands for the truth and fights for her passion, her tribe, and injustices. She maintains her boundaries with courage and grace while she protects her inner child. Her main focus is the innocent in their purest and most raw expressions. She will fight with all she has to keep the hope alive for those she seeks to protect.

Knowing your inner Heroine:

  • You’re always fighting for your brand’s message and vision.
  • You can be seen as stubborn and unrelenting when it comes to what you believe in.
  • You’re sure to share your thoughts and opinions on the current state of the world with your followers.
  • You allow your audience to feel motivated and inspired to take action whenever they come to your pages or speak to you in person.


“I am powerful, awe-inspiring, and strong. I am motivated and, in turn, I motivate others. I can take on any challenge that comes my way.”

How to activate the Heroine in your brand:

  • Inspire others by sharing the challenges you’ve overcome and how they shaped you.
  • Be direct and motivational in your branding voice.
  • Get physical by either working out, playing sports, or getting out in nature where your true heroine can shine.

Are you the Heroine? Take our Feminine Brand Archetype quiz here.


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