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The High Priestess Archetype

Who is the High Priestess?

She is the Master.

Her leadership style is guidance. She is a healer and keeper of wisdom. She can reach anyone at any level, because she knows how to access the truth directly. She believes everyone has their own inner guidance to lead them to their true potential. She knows how to help coax that inner knowing out of those she guides. 

The High Priestess has a strong communication with her divine Source, effortlessly bridging the world as we know it and the unseen world with spiritual conviction.

She seeks knowledge and information through reflection, research, and diligence. She recognizes the power of her intuition and ultimately is a teacher in awakening the deep inner truth she knows resides in each human being.

Knowing your inner High Priestess:

  • You have a strong connection to your intuition and your higher power.
  • You’re thirsty for knowledge and willing to experiment to understand the workings of the world.
  • You’re the coach or leader of your friend group, always offering sage wisdom.
  • You’re passionate about helping others realize their own inner gifts and wisdom.


 “I am wise beyond my years. My Knowing comes from the All Knowing and I refuse to doubt my intuition.”

How to activate the High Priestess in your brand:

  • Read and analyze patterns to activate your brand.
  • Get in touch with your higher power when it comes to making big decisions.
  • Share your thought processes for an inside look into your wisdom. 
  • Share your spiritual experiences and intuition with your followers.

Are you the High Priestess? Take our Feminine Brand Archetype quiz here.

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