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The Lover Archetype

Who is the Lover?

She is the Beginning.

Her leadership style is enchantment. She embodies desire and empowers others through permission and pleasure. Her power to seduce and attract her desires makes others chase her. They want what she has, which makes it easy for her to attract a following but perhaps incites jealousy. She has to know who she can trust for her to truly open up to her passions. 

She longs for strength in her relationships and a life that appeals to all her senses. She is a true romantic and loves the luxurious side of life filled with rich colors, foods, and friendships. The Lover effortlessly blends feminine and masculine energies together in her work-life balance and sheds light on the facets of herself that deserve attention and adoration.

Knowing your inner Lover:

  • You’re warm and affectionate with your audience and in your friendships.
  • You know the importance of blending your masculine and feminine energies to create magic.
  • You’re passionate in everything you do and look to your senses for inspiration.
  • When you fall, you dive head first into whatever it is you love in the moment. 


“My energy is irresistible. I am connected to my desires and passions. I am appealing and attractive to my audience.”

How to activate the Lover in your brand:

  • Share the reality of life’s imperfections with gratitude and love. 
  • Listen to your heart while making your decisions and clue your audience into your process. 
  • Use warm and affectionate language in your branding voice.

Are you the Lover? Take our Feminine Brand Archetype quiz here.

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