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The Maiden Archetype

Who is the Maiden?

She is the Essence of Purity.

Her leadership style is vulnerability. The Maiden allows others to see, hear, and love her as she is. She refuses to have a hidden agenda, always showing her true colors to the world in the hopes of a positive outcome. She is cheerful and always looks on the bright side of difficult situations. 

She is the idealist who brings purity and grace in tried and true ways. She’s dependable and loyal, learning what makes her happy and how her inner happiness can bring joy to others.The Maiden brings vulnerability and an innocence that insights playfulness in life and in her brand. Her honesty and transparency bleeds into all facets of her life, revitalizing those around her with a breath of fresh air. Don’t mistake the Maiden for simple, watch as her grace is spread to all she meets.

Knowing your inner Maiden:

  • You value tradition and keep your offerings as simple and cohesive as possible.
  • Your friends see you as the innocent one, always positive and looking on the bright side.
  • You’re vulnerable with your audience but guard your heart wherever possible.
  • Change is scary to you but you’re able to open up once you feel you can trust those around you.


“I act with kindness. I treat others as I would treat myself. I appreciate the little things in life and find joy wherever I go.”

How to activate the Maiden in your brand:

  • Guard your reputation and build upon a solid foundation. 
  • Set strong brand integrity standards and make guidelines of your expectations for your audience.
  • Share what makes you happy.

Are you the Maiden? Take our Feminine Brand Archetype quiz here.

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