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The Mother Archetype

Who is the Mother?

She is Abundance.

Her leadership style is nourishment. People follow her because they know they will be seen, heard, and taken care of through her embodiment of mercy and generosity. She is a listener without an agenda, gathering her goodness and hope for others and pouring this outward to all who need it. 

She is the caregiver, the multitasker, and the heart of her tribe. The Mother is a fierce protector of her flock and those she cares about. She’ll go to the ends of the Earth for those who are unable to care for themselves. Her helpful attitude shines through in every situation whether it’s in a high-stress meeting or volunteering for a cause near to her heart.

Knowing your inner Mother:

  • You’re known as the mother of your friend group or have a mothering aspect to your lifestyle whether it’s being a mother or taking on a mothering role.
  • You’re able to comfort those around you when they open up to you.
  • You volunteer or assist others out of the goodness of your heart.
  • You thrive on helping others and shedding light on issues others may not be aware of.


“I am grateful for my ability to help others. I am happiest when my tribe is happy. I prioritize care for myself and my clients.”

How to activate the Mother in your brand:

  • Volunteer for causes that speak to you.
  • Hold space for others and their ideas. 
  • Share the causes you’re passionate about.

Are you the Mother? Take our Feminine Brand Archetype quiz here.


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