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The Sister Archetype

Who is the Sister?

She is the Friend.

Her leadership style is inclusivity. People follow her because they know they can trust her, that she genuinely cares about them and sees herself as a worthy equal.  She consistently assists her tribe to become the fullest versions of themselves with encouragement and warmth.

She is down-to-earth with solid values and highly accepting of those around her. She doesn’t judge you or give you hell over decisions you’ve made, only giving you the advice and the shoulder you need to cry on. The Sister is easygoing, humble, and honest. She’s the person everyone wants in their family as the peacekeeper and the friend they didn’t know they needed.

Knowing your inner Sister:

  • You’ve been known as the “girl-next-door” by your friends thanks to your down-to-earth personality
  • You’re honest with your friends when they come to you for advice
  • You desire to hold a safe space for your friends, family, and followers when they come to you in times of need.
  • You find it easy to make friends and see the good in others.


 “I create a safe and secure space. I feel included, and allow others to feel included, too. I establish a welcoming environment.”

How to activate the Sister in your brand:

  • Create real connections & friendships with your audience. 
  • Share “normal” parts of your life with your following.
  • Create an open and fun community to grow within your brand.
  • Use inviting, relatable language in your brand voice. 

Are you the Sister? Take our Feminine Brand Archetype quiz here.


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