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The Sorceress Archetype

Who is the Sorceress?

She is the Wielder of Truth.

Her leadership style is manifestation. The Sorceress’ capacity to apply the laws of nature to her own will makes her a force of nature in and of herself. She can create the reality she envisions by manipulating probability. People follow her because she’s not afraid to choose the future.

She is the transformative visionary making dreams come true not only for herself but those she loves. Her visions are developed through creative manifestations and she lives by these visions. The Sorceress weaves together a life assisting others with their own processes and methods for solving life issues. Others are fascinated with her processes and are moved by her branding voice to take action into transforming their own lives.

Knowing your inner Sorceress:

  • You’re the friend people go to for advice and assistance in solving problems.
  • You’re always up to date with the latest gadgets, energies, and trends to help bring success to others.
  • You thrive on change and love to transform a problem into a solution.
  • You know the value of truth even if it may ruffle a few feathers in the process. 


“I create great change. I have vibrant, new ideas that transform the lives of those around me. I am magical.”

How to activate the Sorceress in your brand:

  • Know the latest trends and help define new ones. 
  • Transform into the best you possible.
  • Bring your experiences of transformation to your followers and in what you teach.

Are you the Sorceress? Take our Feminine Brand Archetype quiz here.

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