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The Wild Woman Archetype

Who is the Wild Woman?

She is Nature.

Her leadership style is chaos. People follow her because she tears down old beliefs and gives them the permission to be completely human, free from shame. She keeps her audience engaged through her non-linear and unpredictable nature.

She is seen to the layperson as disobedient and unruly, but she knows better. Her fire and passion for rebelling against the establishment and the “usual way” of doing things shows up in all areas of her life. She questions the status quo, wonders why things have to be the way they are, and in turn, she seeks change for the world by embodying a true revolutionary. The Wild Woman is shocking, disrupting, and nonconforming in every way she can be to incite an upheaval of “the norm” towards a better world.

Knowing your inner Wild Woman:

  • You stand up for causes you believe in through bold moves and nonconformity.
  • You’re always questioning why things have to be the way they are and work to find a third solution to dual-sided issues.
  • You’re not afraid to take risks and challenge the normal flow of everyday life.
  • You believe in raising everyone up even if it means you have to step on a few toes to make your voice heard.


“I live by my own rules and expectations. I challenge others’ perceptions of me. I am not afraid to be honest, real, and truthful with everyone I meet.”

How to activate the Wild Woman in your brand:

  • Speak up in against what you don’t agree with in a raw and candid way. 
  • Take calculated risks in your business. 
  • Do “unpopular” things for the sole reason you know it’ll work out the best for you and your brand. 

Are you the Wild Woman? Take our Feminine Brand Archetype quiz here.


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