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Each month I help dozens of women who are working hard to build their businesses online with a free 30 minute brand clarity session. I love connecting with women all over the world about ways to build out a bigger platform for their voices to get heard.

In the session we will cover:

  • How to optimize your business model and offers to build trust
  • How to integrate multiple brands (if you need to)
  • The best strategy for your personal brand based on your target audience
  • Next steps for building and monetizing your platform

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- Mary Bernitt
You're here because you want to tell the truth
You're ready to be seen, heard, and valued at your worth.
You've already done the work.
You know who you are and where you're going.
Personal branding is...






Elements of A Personal Brand

A personal brand is a collection of assets such as a logo, social media profiles, websites, podcast articles, books, or videos that demonstrate the character, values, and beliefs of a person. 

01  Strategy

This is everything you stand for. The core essence of what you want to communicate. 

02 Offers

Your offers are what you create, how you monetize, or how you contribute value to your audience.

03  Identity

This is your logo, colors, fonts, the clothes you wear in your photos, the way you style your hair…

04  Website

Your website is the portal for connection between you and your audience.

make a statement

Master Your Digital Identity

Your personal brand is the center of your sphere of influence.

Your personal brand is the core that you lead from.

It is your philosophy, the spark unique to you.

Your personal brand is not you, but it is a part of you.

It’s the part that has something to say.

It’s the part that is on a mission to solve a major problem.

…and its really effing important

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Your brand is basically a strategic way of telling a story that allows your audience to arrive at the view point you want them to arrive at — aka, connect with your perspective — then take an action. The brand story is told through graphics, images, words, videos, and music.

The action could be leave a comment, join a community, download an ebook, make a donation, share your content, or purchase a product.

A great brand makes your audience feel like they belong to a community by subscribing to your beliefs and participating in the story by taking actions you want them to take.

Personal + business branding are completely different things. It’s a totally different strategy to create  a digital persona out of your own face than it is to make up a new business name and basically start from scratch.

When you are branding yourself you can only ever really capture a piece of yourself at a given point in time. So as you grow, your brand will grow, too. This is why it is important to build the foundations of your brand on the most essential parts of your message that don’t change as quickly.

We help women build cohesive brand strategies, logo + identity guides, offer suites, websites, and content that demonstrates their brand. If you would like to learn more about our personal brand accelerator program, please schedule a consultation.

We’re deeply focused on strategy and we believe that without a strong brand strategy nothing else will make sense. 

All of our programs are full service, meaning they include the full suite of strategic planning, design, and development support.

We specifically focus on women and have mindset and visibility support included in everything we offer.

About the founder

The leaders of this generation will be those who are able to authentically connect online.

We need your voice.

Hi, I’m Mary Bernitt.

I created to serve women like you who are ready to connect deeper with your audience online so that you can scale your impact + income. 

Your message, your voice, your visibility, and the sustainability of your digital career matter – not just to you, but to us.

See, we believe that you have what it takes to drive change simply by showing up as the truest version of yourself in front of as many eyes as possible. 

By scaling you, She grows, too. 

This is why the team at created the Aligned Personal Brand Accelerator. We’ve put together our decades of experience to make professional brand strategy, design, web development, and content creation available and accessible to women leaders at every level. 

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Branding website builder

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