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Most business and brand strategies being taught today simply don’t work. Endless landing pages, facebook ads, and tiny offers. All that stuff. These are fine for selling a product, but they’re hopeless when it comes to building a reputable brand. The fact is there’s a huge difference between growing your short term revenue streams and creating lasting influence and impact.

When you think of your perfect website, what comes to mind? What colors and pictures do you see? Is it familiar, like something you’ve seen before, or is it vanilla AF?

My guess is you want to stand out, girlfriend.

My bet is on the fact that you want to be known for and seen as the diva bad ass leader that you are, and not some half-self-mascot for your products and services.

So, now my question is: what do you need to have a “stand out” website?

Do you need to hire a custom web designer, developer, videographer, photographer, a band to write a custom jingle for your custom music video YouTube ad? What does being unique even mean anymore?

The level of complexity and options seems almost infinite. However, the answer is actually quite simple. We can use the expressions of others to express ourselves in an authentic and unique way by borrowing and combining things that already exist.

Enter: semi-custom branding.

Semi-Custom branding is the fast track to building a highly professional brand and website that looks very unique to you, but is built by modifying existing templates to match your name and style.

Custom vs. Semi-Custom vs. DIY

Most uniqueUniqueMost template-based
Typically WordPress or WebflowTypically WordPress or SquarespaceTypically Wix or Squarespace
Designed and built by a team of  professional designers and developers dedicated to your projectCurated by a team of professional designers and developers dedicated to building high quality brands quicklyPiecemealed by You + Ad Hoc team of contractors or service providers
About 6 weeks turn around timeAbout 1 week turn around time1 week – 1 year

Semi-custom branding is a great option for someone looking to save time and money getting a super professionally built brand and website. If you want something unique that will be high quality, but it doesn’t need to be totally custom, this can be a fabulous option.

Get access to our free training here to learn more about the semi-custom branding process, as well as how to leverage yourself as a woman of influence through personal branding.

I know it will be transformational for you. So what are you waiting for? Check it out here.

Daring you to greatness,

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