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How Investing in Mentoring Changed my Life

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Most business and brand strategies being taught today simply don’t work. Endless landing pages, facebook ads, and tiny offers. All that stuff. These are fine for selling a product, but they’re hopeless when it comes to building a reputable brand. The fact is there’s a huge difference between growing your short term revenue streams and creating lasting influence and impact.

I grew up on a farm where my parents, among other things, sold flowers and trees. At the ripe age of 6, I decided I wanted to sell things, too. So, after helping my mother sow and reap the benefits of a huge, beautiful vegetable garden, I asked her if I could sell some of our crop to the “customers”. She bought into the idea, and helped me set up a table, a money box with a bit of change, and prices for all my vegetables.

I sat all day by the stand. Crickets.

Then finally, just before closing, a woman came in to buy some perennials for her garden. On her way out, she stopped by my vegetable stand and purchased ALL my inventory! I was so excited and proud…

(10 years later I was retelling my perspective of this story to my mother and she gave away her secret that she had given the woman $20 to buy all my produce, but still)

The point is, the idea of seeding, sowing, harvesting, and selling always got me excited. So, I set out to create real businesses. But this time around, I didn’t have someone behind the scenes paying my customers off to buy from me. So many long days that proved to be fruitless paved the way to what I would have called at the time “failures”, but as we know now are actually lessons learned the hard way.

So, if there is a hard way of learning, there must be an easy way, right?

For a long time I didn’t believe this to be true. I lived by the adage that nothing could help me except my own direct experience. This served me while I didn’t have access to the mentorship I needed. It gave me the gumption to keep going. But then, I got burnt out. Not “I need to take a long weekend” kind of burnout…the kind of burn out that took years to bounce back from.

By the time I regained enough energy and enthusiasm and was ready to start again with my businesses, I knew I needed to do things a very different way, but really had no idea how. I didn’t want to learn the hard way anymore. It was too much strain on my body and my life, and the simplest things can take way longer than they should.

In order to actually receive help, I had to completely change my mindset. I had to accept that fact that I am, and never was, in this alone.

There are so many people who have walked the path before me, and those who will continue after me. Once I finally came to this understanding, that there were other people out there who had already figured out the solutions to the same problems I was trying to solve, I began seeking them out.

The best way to find a great mentor is to identify the problem you want to solve, the place you know you will be in once you solve it, and find someone who is already living that reality. Then, ask them how they got there.

People like to help others who they can relate to. Being a mentor and seeing your knowledge help someone get to where you are is a rewarding journey.

So, I found people who were willing to teach me, to take me on as a mentee, and to guide me towards how to achieve the results they had already manifested in their lives. This happened pretty organically in the beginning, until I got to a level where the mentorship I needed was in super specific areas. I had been spoiled by attracting such powerful mentors who were willing to work with me for free that the idea of paying someone to teach me wasn’t really my idea of value.

What ended up changing my mind was the realization that people who serve as mentors for their careers, aka coaches, consultants, and teachers, had a ton of practice moving people in my exact situation from point a to point b. This added value is really priceless, which makes whatever the price tag totally worth it.

The first mentorship program I paid for was a sales training program. I had been tinkering around with all different kinds of sales funnels for years, but this time I just wanted to do it right the first time around and stop wasting time. Proven methods work, hence the word proven. Investing in this mentorship, and being a good student, gave me my first real measurable successes in sales. Who knows how much time that would have taken me without having made that investment in mentorship? It could have literally cost me years, emotional toil, and strain on my body and family.

I can’t stress enough the value of mentorship, especially in your entrepreneurial journey.

If you’d like to learn the best information I have to give after years of building dozens of brands, check out my free training here. Don’t make my same mistake and waste time trying to DIY your brand without the guidance of a mentor. Get the solutions you need now!

Daring you to greatness,

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