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As women today, we’re rewriting what it means to lead and create by designing new ways of doing business, refusing to sacrifice feminine values and redefining economic equality. Collaboration and co-creation are the keys to our success.

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Most business and brand strategies being taught today simply don’t work. Endless landing pages, facebook ads, and tiny offers. All that stuff. These are fine for selling a product, but they’re hopeless when it comes to building a reputable brand. The fact is there’s a huge difference between growing your short term revenue streams and creating lasting influence and impact.

It’s been known to a select few, for a long time, that women have in some ways a completely separate economy.

In fact, it was stated in U.S. law in the late 1800’s that married women were to have their very own, bonified economy.

Single women weren’t so lucky.

The women’s economy and the men’s economy blended into a single GDP over time. Or did it, really?

As we’re seeing today, many of the most successful online entrepreneurial women are selling to other women. That’s not to say that men don’t create products that serve the feminine economy and women don’t create products for men, or that we all can’t create offerings that serve all genders.

But there are some tendencies at play here, because many of us are only running in our own circles.

There’s a whole network of online businesses created for women, by women. And, it’s fucking lucrative.

We’re trading with each other.

We’re creating products as moms, for other moms.

We’re designing clothes we will actually wear, so we can sell them to other women.

We’re creating products as coaches, for other coaches.

We’re dominating the online influencer space, creating content for other women to consume.

We’re redefining what it means to be a CEO, and aligning our familial values with our business operations.

Here’s what we’re not doing enough of:

  • Creating scalable products with exit strategies that attract investors.
  • Building teams that can support exponential growth.
  • Investing in the economy at large.
  • Investing in other businesses.
  • Partnering with men.
  • Separating our personal brand from our lines of business to establish ourselves as an authority in our space.

The #1 thing we can start doing today is adjusting our mindsets to start thinking bigger.

As entrepreneurs we have to starting thinking about our brands in a bigger way. Personal branding is key in today’s age, but so is building a brand for your product or service that allows you to attract outside investment, better talent, and have the option to sell your business. This is how wealth is created.

Long term wealth is created by generating perceived value, and exchanging that perceived value for liquid assets (aka $$$), then reinvesting that liquidity into another deal.

Things investors perceive as valuable are:

  • Cash Flow
  • Inventory
  • Influence
  • Assets
  • Team Members
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Systems/Operations
  • Projected Growth

Having something perceived as valuable gives you leverage.

When you attach your products, services, systems, teams, assets, and cash flow to your personal brand – you lose a shit load of leverage.

No one is investing a million dollars in exchange for equity in I don’t care how cute your hero image is.

This doesn’t mean your personal brand isn’t super important. It is. But it’s the strategy behind your entire empire that has to be thought out in a bigger, more asset-driven way.

Your personal brand should be the epicenter of everything you create and frame you as an authority to be taken seriously in every single endeavor you become a part of – as a creator, or as an investor – throughout your entire career.

That’s why I created – to teach you how to position yourself online to be taken seriously and GET. SHIT. DONE. And that’s why I developed a strategic training just for you.

I’ve complied the top things I’ve learned from working with women all over the world on the number one strategies and mindset shifts for long-term personal brand positioning into a 45 this 45-minute long training.

Want access to it? Watch it completely free, no strings attached, right here.

Daring you to greatness,

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