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Why Influence Initiates Impact In Your Personal Brand

Welcome to the age of influence.

When you think of influence, what comes up for you?

Pretty Instagram feeds with a million followers?

That person who somehow always gets thousand of likes on their photos with a two word caption?

Or how about that new best selling book about the same “insight” or “manifestation tool” that just comes in different handwriting?

Girl, we get it.

We’re constantly bombarded with notions of what it means to be “successful” in today’s virtual world.

So, what actually is influence?

Influence is impact.

And it’s something we bet comes to you naturally, especially if you’re within your innate feminine power. It’s the artful way you’re able to convince your three-year-old to go to bed while avoiding a total meltdown. Or the way you coach your best friend (or a total stranger) into going towards the direction of her dreams.

Influence is simply the power to inspire others to take action. And it has absolutely nothing to do with follower count.

How to create influence online

There’s a way to create influential content that leverages your innate capacity for deep empathy while capitalizing on the masterful art of subtle persuasion.

Online platforms are a way we can leverage our influential impact from anywhere in the world. With the power to create any kind of digital assets we want for free, the pressure is on to cultivate a powerful (and totally authentic) online persona.

However, when people talk ”authenticity”, we tend to think that we need to show up as our whole self – the good, the bad, and the ugly – yet still have a completely put together Instagram grid.

Here’s the actual magic in online marketing and personal branding…

Having the ability to craft the exact parts of your life that you want to expose and keep sacred the parts that you don’t.

The difference between what you share and don’t share ultimately depends on the inspired action you want your audience to take. 

Demonstrating your online persona while creating impact looks a bit like this:

  • Expressing vulnerability while showcasing your strengths.
  • Exuding vibrancy and beauty, while refraining from any objectification. 
  • Breaking through the barriers of what it means to be a professional woman.
  • Ready to be taken seriously while connecting with your community in an intimate way.
  • A desire to be seen, get heard, and get paid.

To create all this, we must first define the boundaries between professionalism and authenticity when crafting a digital identity.

The biggest obstacle to creating impact is a lack of clarity and a long-term brand strategy.

Developing the strategy (and the aligned content that fuels that strategy) to build a relatable digital identity online, can and should be a massive time investment. 

The thing about digital personas is that they’re avatars, meaning they have a severely limited capacity for connecting in comparison to a whole human being. You have to think of your personal brand as a character in a screenplay. 

We have to understand that our true selves are infinitely complex and ever changing, but our online personas have to be simple and incredibly consistent in order to build trust and understanding over time.

Yet, both your body and your brand are wearing the same face.

It sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it?

This is why you need the guidance of an expert to help you build a strategy that serves your higher purpose, resonates deeply with your target audience, and sustainably serves you over your years in business.

If you’re building a personal brand to position yourself as a woman of impact, watch our free masterclass. It’s where you’ll find our best tips for women going through their entrepreneurial journey.

Check it out here.  

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