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3 Keys to Own Your Feminine Power

As a woman, you’re born with a super power: your femininity.

You know what it is and what it looks like: a woman so true to herself that partners, friendships, and career choices seem to be innately attracted to her.

Your femininity is your power, and, essentially, your flow. It’s the art of receiving our experiences, partners, and prospects. 

What most women don’t understand is that by being deep in their feminine process, they’re not only attracting people, they’re also attracting experiences.

This is an innate attractor field every woman has, and it’s a core part of ourselves we tend to shy away from. In order to allow yourself to receive a strong business prospect or grow your business, you have to stop holding yourself back from your true potential.

We’ve been taught that it’s too scary to let our femininity shine; that in embracing our true nature we will either be rejected or exploited, instead of celebrated. In turn, this fear of the innate feminine has stifled women for millenia in the form of sexual trauma, shame, demoralization, and sexism.

To break these cycles, we must first understand our feminine attractor field.

This is the field that houses our ability to attract the choices we make and opportunities that come our way. Leveraging your attractor field is essentially creating a filter allowing you to receive what you actually want to attract.

Don’t get us wrong: shit happens and trauma is real. Our innate attractor field isn’t about “love and light” and constant positive thoughts. Hello, we’re human. However, we do have a say in the choices we make with the information, experiences, and prospects we’re given at the time. We must first give ourselves permission to be in our feminine and leverage our attractor field through alignment, boundaries, and confidence. 

Find Alignment

Allowing your feminine power to shine takes a lot of inner work. It’s looking at all of the fears and insecurities you house within yourself and transforming them. This is work we can’t shy away from. It’s working through the layers of trauma, past experiences, and hurts that bring us to the core of who we are. 

Alignment comes from asking ourselves the tough questions to know who we truly are and what matters to us. It’s asking ourselves why we do what we do, who we do it for, and why it’s being done. 

Here’s an example: let’s dive deep into our motivations as a business owner. Is your business truly a reflection of yourself? Or is it a dream of your family’s? Are you looking for success, fame, or money? Going even deeper, what is keeping you motivated? And finally, what’s driving you away from your goals?

The process to find this clarity looks like practices that help you reclaim the parts of yourself. These practices can be as simple as journaling your thoughts or speaking to a coach or therapist to unearth the motives behind your actions. This self-awareness and acknowledgement of the inner self is what keeps you strong and attracts opportunities. 

Set Boundaries

In order to be ourselves and become truly sovereign, we have to do the boundaries work. Working with boundaries is a practice. Over time, it can become a habit that extends throughout our field of attraction. When we set boundaries, we’re essentially claiming what we do and do not want to have in our fields.

To set boundaries, you must first know what your limitations and obligations are, whether that’s an adhered schedule, promises to yourself and others, or simply something you don’t feel comfortable doing. Boundaries can be as simple as telling someone no. Your boundaries help create, define, and strengthen decisions towards what you want in your field. 

Gain Confidence

Confidence exudes from knowing that when challenges arise, you have the strength and ability to overcome them or move forward to another opportunity. When we’re confident, we know that when problems or conflicts come up we can stay calm, level-headed, and pivot towards the direction we want to be in. It means trusting in ourselves that we have the answers within and can form solutions when things get difficult. 

This boils down to being so in our flow that others will be attracted to this embodied state. Embodiment is the process of being in the body and aligning with its intelligence. We know we’re embodied when we can listen to our bodies’ subtle cues of what feels right and wrong. A “yes” feeling may be an openness, lightness in our chest, or relaxed facial muscles. A “no” feeling may be retraction, aversion, tenseness throughout the body, or sick to the stomach. 

Breathe deep and feel in your body to look for signs that you’re not in embodiment. Listen for the “yes” and “no” signals. Recognize when something isn’t sitting right with you and take steps to bring yourself back to that relaxed flow where you know, in the end, you got this. 

In our free masterclass, we talk about the power of strengthening your feminine leadership within a successful personal brand. Brand Like Hers is dedicated to helping women thrive in their femininity, no matter what stage they’re at. Check out the masterclass here.

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